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If your work is to rent one of these vehicles with driver, registering your company will only give you some extra chances to reach new customers, thanks to our online and offline channels.
You can easily handle the requests you receive through your profile: their format will be standardised, easy to use and quick to analyse.
It’s very important that you answer quickly: the faster you answer the more chances you get to receive a confirm from the passenger.
All Buustle partners are equal, it is the customer the one who decides whom to travel with, judging by the offers he/she received.

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Register here contact us at +39 392 93 93 264 or write us an email at and ask for extra info. Buustle is a service completely free of charge.

Share some documents with us

We at Buustle only rely on high-quality companies: we will need a couple of papers to verify that.

Carrying innovation

At this point we’re going to work for you, our investments aiming at developing, promoting, and marketing a wider and more efficient use of your vehicles.

Safety and training.

To be partners with Buustle means to satisfy all the necessary requirements in terms of safety and reliability.
We will verify them together at the moment of your registration. People-carriers, minivans, vans and buses driven by up-to- date, well rested, and friendly drivers are what both we and our passengers like to see.
We cooperate with the best qualified institutes of formation to provide our partners with useful information and to organise updating courses for drivers.