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Renting with us

You can rent all sort of vehicles with drivers!


Quick and comfortable vehicles with up to 35 seats. The ideal solution when travelling with small to medium groups in total comfort and safety.


These can have up to 8 seats other than the driver, and include a large selection of vehicles: luxury cars or minivan with different levels of comfort.


Buses or coaches are perfect for bigger groups. There are different categories with different capacities: the smallest ones with 35 seats, the classic ones with 50-60 seats and the double-deckers, that can carry up to 90 passengers. You can ask for different services such as on board Wi-Fi, toilets, electrical sockets, or a wheelchair platform.


Minivan means a vehicle that can carry between 9 and 16 people, equipped with all the services you will ask for.


Buustle will drive you to the most important events and anniversaries of your life. With us you’ll be able to rent limousines and other “strange” vehicles.