Rent together, travel smarter

Buustle is the first bus sharing solution that allows you to travel intelligently, saving money

Come funziona Buustle

How it works

Buustle connects those who want to hire a vehicle, those who travel alone and renters to allow everyone to travel smartly and sustainably

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Buustle is the ideal solution if ...

Rent a vehicle

You want to rent a vehicle quickly and cheaply and you want to keep it all for yourself or share it to save even more

Rent a vehicle
Hitch a ride

You are looking for a new way of traveling, saving or wanting an excuse to discover new destinations

Hitch a ride
Earn with us

You are a renter and you want to optimize your services and manage requests in a simpler way

Earn with us

Buustle benefits


With Buustle you will receive an immediate quotation at the time of the search and a final estimate including all additional expenses within a few hours of the request.


Buustle evaluates all the options available to offer you the most convenient for you.


By relying on Buustle you will help to reduce the environmental impact of road transport

Safety and reliability

Buustle selects its partners based on criteria of safety and reliability so you can travel comfortable and hassle

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